Summer 2014 Activities

May 15, 2014

Our program of activities includes music performances, yoga classes, pickup soccer, a couple of special days of outdoor art, and a Fourth of July celebration. Members and their guests are welcome to join us for the fun. All Sunday shows below start at 6, and inclement weather cancels. Yoga with Viktoria Kalesnikava takes place Sundays at noon. Pickup soccer games take place on Saturday at noon. Guests are welcome in the company of members only, and in-town guests can make one visit per summer only. Guest fees are $15 for adults and kids are free (middle school age and down).

  • 5/25 - Tom Marshall and Dahvi Wilson
  • 6/1 - Tara Mills
  • 6/8 - Sam Bush of the Hill and Wood
  • 6/15 - Red Drum Ramblers (Jen Fleisher, Jace Goodling, Tim Scruby, Max Katz, Jesse Fiske)
  • 6/22 - Acorn Sisters
  • 6/29 - Ned Oldham with Adam Smith and Thomas Gunn
  • 7/6 - Diane Cluck
  • 7/13 - TBA
  • 7/20 - Susie and the Pistols
  • 7/26 & 7/27 - Andy Goldsworthy Competition
  • 8/3 - plein air painting competition
  • 8//10 - Matt Curreri
  • 8/17 - James Moore
  • 8/24 - Rusalka Revival

Pool Hours Until June 13

May 29, 2013

Until Albemarle County Schools let out (and we thus have adequate guards for the pool), we will have limited weekday hours from 5 to 8 p.m.. Regular hours (12 to 8 daily) will start on Thursday, June 13th.

Now Hiring Lifeguards

February 25, 2013

We are hiring lifeguards for the Summer of 2013. The work will call for leadership in safety and supervision of the pool and grounds, daily maintenance work, and a commitment to becoming a member of the community. Those who are interested and who are certified in lifesaving by the Red Cross should send a cover letter and resume to todhbarnett at aol dot com or to P.O. Box 5022, Charlottesville, VA 22905.

Sundays at BRSC

July 13, 2012

Here is a list of events for Sunday evenings at Blue Ridge Swim Club. Come out and join us for some great entertainment pool sideā€¦

  • Sun., 7/15 - Tara Mills with No Strings Attached
  • Sun., 7/22 - Charlottesville Gamelan
  • Sun., 7/29 - Terri Allard
  • Sun., 8/5 - Carleigh Nesbitt
  • Sun., 8/12 - Love Canon
  • Sun., 8/19 - Downbeat Project
  • Sun., 9/2 - the Hill and Wood

Memberships Now Available

January 5, 2012

You are now welcome to join Blue Ridge Swim Club for the Summer of 2012. We were under new ownership as of May, 2012, though we did not have much of a chance to make changes in the short window between just one month. We have been working hard in the off season to improve the club, however, primarily by improving the landscape and structural facilities. You should expect to find much the same beautiful setting in 2012, but enhanced with a new timber frame pavilion, a much larger picnicking area, and an improved bathhouse. Please consider joining us for the summer of 2012 as we continue to improve the club. Please note that our memberships sold out in the Summer of 2011. Our long-term goal is to create the most beautiful natural water swimming pool and club in the nation as we anticipate the pool's 100th Anniversary in 2013!


May 31, 2011

We now have wireless internet at the pool. Feel free to ask the life guards for our internet password if you want to get online and surf by the water. The signal is best in the area near the guardhouse.

Memorial Day 2011

May 30, 2011

I have to admit that I've been wishing it would get hot like this. Today will bring highs in the mid 90's and I hear it's going to stay there this week. The pool water, meanwhile, is at about 70--so come on out and cool off.

Limited Number of Memberships Available

May 15, 2011

We have had some bureacratic setbacks in our scheduling of construction work for the summer. We had hoped to make a few changes to the facility, mostly in the septic system and parking lot, in order to accommodate the county so that we could expand the membership. But the delays mean that we won't be able to do that for this summer. We are still making aesthetic improvements to the grounds, bathhouse, and and pool, though we will not have the pavilion built for the coming summer, and neither will Field Camp be held there until 2012. That means we are very limited in the number of memberships we can sell this summer, and as of this writing, we are down to just 48 left. It will still be a great summer there, with improvements also to the program and the management. Please join us and be a part of the revitalization of Blue Ridge Swim Club for the summer of 2011, and anticipating the pool's 100th anniversary in 2013.

Pool Cleanup a Success

April 24, 2011

Thanks to all those who came out yesterday to help to clean the pool. We will go again next weekend in our quest to remove every bit of dirt from the pool before we begin refilling it. We are, meanwhile, purchasing a filtration system for the pool, one that will clean the bottom nightly and filter half the pool's water every night. I am confident that the historic Blue Ridge Pool will be clearer and more beautiful than ever this summer. Also, our summer program is beginning to take shape. We will have Sunday acoustic music performances by Old Calf, the Honey Dewdrops, Paulien and Gerard Brikkenaar van Dijk, Miles Pearce, Uncle Henry's Favorites, and more. Frances Frischkorn is teaching a weekly yoga class in the pavilion where we will also have nature and art classes with local teachers and artists. Saturday afternoons will feature a structured swimming program for kids. It's shaping up to be a great summer at Charlottesville's historic Blue Ridge Pool. Buy one of the limited number of memberships now to be sure to be able to visit throughout the summer.

Lifeguards Needed

April 20, 2011

We are hiring lifeguards for the Summer of 2011. The work will call for leadership in safety and supervision of the pool and grounds, daily maintenance work, and a commitment to becoming a member of the community. Those interested should send a cover letter and resume to todhbarnett at aol dot com or to P.O. Box 5022, Charlottesville, VA 22905.


April 10, 2011

Welcome to the new Blue Ridge Swim Club site. Many thanks to Bill Covert for his help in putting it up for us. I hope that it will become a huge archive of news, photos and events at the Swim Club over the years. And if you have photos from its past, I am interested in collecting those here as well.

I am Todd Barnett, and began to consider buying the pool and club last summer when I was invited to visit the property. The club's members thought it might be time for some new blood to take over. As a big fan of natural water and one who may well hold the record for taking area kids to natural swimming holes, I was immediately intrigued. Eight months of bureaucratic hurdles later, the sale is about to be finalized. Thus, Field Camp, the summer day camp which I founded along with Jay Fennell in 2000, will be on the grounds of Blue Ridge Swim Club for 9 weeks this summer, and the pool will look, I hope, better than ever. On the upper side of the field, we are building a pavilion for the camp. We are fixing up the bathhouse, and making some other upgrades to the parking and septic system. I think all who come will be very satisfied by how pretty the place looks and by how inviting the natural water feels.

I hope to see you this summer at our historic Blue Ridge Pool.

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